Atelier. is a womenswear label with a strong focus on textile development. Founded by designer Lotte van Dijk in 2017, Atelier. continues van Dijk’s exploration of the relationship between painting and fashion design.


Expressive, feminine pieces are underscored by effortless silhouettes. Illustrative prints and intricate materials are worked into wardrobe staples - soft, oversized, drawn towards the body; intelligent construction designed for ease of wear.


Embodying a fundamental workshop approach, Atelier. prioritizes the way in which a garment is crafted over the conventional concept of a brand. With a boundless grasp on material, the designer embraces artistic freedom, interacting directly with each piece.


“I always start by creating illustrations, almost without thinking - as a result they have a certain freedom. The images often surprise me. I seek to translate the atmosphere of my illustrations into something wearable.”


Atelier. develops made-to-measure prints and textiles per garment rather than on the roll. The development of silhouette, material and print are interconnected processes; one does not exist without the other:


“By painting on fabric and draping with the result, you keep the strength of the illustration and immediately see the impact of the painting on the silhouette - the relationship is clear, as opposed to a two dimensional print, developed independently.”


Textiles and garments are built up layer by layer, re-worked and transformed utilising artisanal and industrial techniques. From hand painted prints to custom-woven jacquards; each piece reveals the designer's hand.


Envisioning an intersection between ready-to-wear and autonomous design, Atelier. translates hands-on experimentation directly into production-ready pieces. Following a successful collaboration with TextielLab Tilburg, future plans for Atelier. include in-depth specialisation in weaving:


 “Custom developed fabrics add so much personality and a certain richness to a garment - there’s something exciting about the ability to create the garment from the yarn up”.